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SOS Cocktail Pro-drink recipes

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Are you throwing a party this weekend? Would you like to surprise your guests with varieties of homemade drinks? For those who like to prepare their own drinks at home, here is an app at your service to guide you.SOS Cocktail is a novel drinks recipe app that consists of hundreds of delicious recipes. The app features a large collection of amazingly presented drinks recipes with step by step instructions on how to make them.The main screen of the app is gorgeously designed and it offers various menu items. Cocktails is the very first option. SOS Cocktail also displays attractive fully finished cocktail images with each recipe. The interface is elegantly designed and easy to use. If you would like to share your favorite recipe with your friends, you can do so by SMS, Email, Facebook or Twitter through the ‘share this cocktail’ option.This app is really useful for a party, a date etc.
SOS Cocktail Pro is a pro version of SOS Cocktail, without ads !
★ HUNDREDS OF DRINKS RECIPES :There are many ways to search for an appropriate drink. You can browse and search for recipes inside the Cocktails option by name, category, ingredients or by colors. Category option contains a list of drinks categories like Beer and Ale, Classics, Cocktails, Non-Alcoholic, Shots etc. You can select any category of drinks and find the recipe of your desired drink. You can select recipes through various ingredients like alcohols, condiments, dairy, coffee and tea etc.You can share the drinks recipes you like with your friends by sms,email,on Facebook or on Twitter.
Example of recipes: margarita, martini, bellini,mojito, daiquiri, gin fizz, caipirinha, tequila sunrise, old fashioned, pastis, pilgrim punch, pina colada, sex in the beach, Adios mother fucker, manhattan, hot toddy, snakebite, negroni, long island iced tea, Bronx, Boilermaker, zombie, mai tai, b-52. etc.
★ RANDOM COCKTAIL:The "Random Cocktail" function is simple and funny, which lets you find a random drink recipe. Take you mobile in your hands, shake it and enjoy.
★ MY BAR:The MyBar option in the main menu consists of functions like My Inventory, My Favorite and Shopping List. "My Inventory" function : if you have a list of ingredients in your hand and do not have any idea on what to make, the My Inventory option gives you the best of drinks recipes that you can make out of your current stock."My Favorite" function : lets you manage your favorite drinks."Shopping List" function : gives you suggestions to manage shopping items for the drinks.
★ SHARE YOUR DRINKS:If you are good at making drinks with your own recipes, you can submit and share your custom recipes to let others know that you are a smart mixologist.
★ SETTINGS:You have options to choose the metric or imperial units for all the drinks recipes in the settings menu. You can also reset the inventory and shopping list in the settings option.